Cook Filet Mignon - Tips & Techniques to Cook Filet Mignon

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The name filet mignon may be French in origin, but the pleasure of the taste is universal. Lean, luscious, melt-in-your-mouth tenderness. For those minding their dollars, the cuts of Porterhouse and T-Bone have a bit of the filet mignon included as a teaser. But for those who say 'damn the torpedoes' and need to splurge, the elegant cut of the filet mignon is the crème de la crème. Here's valuable cooking tips, techniques and recipes to do right by this cut of meat.

Cook Filet Mignon - Good Living

How to Cook Filet Mignon

By Sarah Sandori

Filet mignon! To many peoples' minds, the words themselves speak of excellence, good living and expensive taste. No wonder. Carefully selected and expertly cut, filet mignon is a steak lover's dream.

Filet mignon is a boneless steak that is cut from the tenderloin of the cow, which, as its name implies, yields the tenderest meat.

The filet itself is usually cut into portions between 1 and 2 inches in thickness. Oftentimes, stores sell such portions pre-wrapped with bacon. The reason for this is that file mignon does not contain as much fat marbling as bone-in steak cuts generally do; the bacon, then, substitutes for the missing fat.

If you prefer your marbling to be natural, or you simply don't eat pork, then look for filet mignon that is pink rather than red--the lighter the color the better, in other words. Lighter color=more marbling...


Filet Every Day? Don't Think So.

You Can't Eat Filet Mignon Every Day... 

By D. Alan Carter

OK, you could. If you're Warren Buffett. But for the rest of us blokes, we've got to think about chicken and ribs and brisket now and then. Even so, there's no need to settle for lackluster taste. An award-winning BBQ team is offering very detailed and exact barbecue recipes - the same ones they used to cook championship ribs, butts, chicken and brisket. Grab a copy of Competition BBQ Secrets, and you'll be able to lay down a plate of barbecue better than any restaurant...

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Cook Filet Mignon - How To Tips & Techniques

Cooking Filet Mignon

By Daniel Urmann

"...In order keep the flavor, you must cook filet mignon quickly. This can be done a variety of ways, including broiling and grilling. It should never be cooked beyond medium rare, because..."